Cliches, hot tub parties and puberty: a post in pictures

I've become my parents

time for puberty

Well hi there!

I was rummaging around my stack of drawings the other day and found a few cartoons that, for whatever reason, haven’t been posted. So I thought it would be nice to do an all-cartoon post today.

The cartoon above was originally a crappy little drawing I did before I got more serious about making crappy little drawings. I redrew it a few days ago and here it is. The idea came to me when my son posted a “keep out” sign on his door and I realized it was one of the first signs (literally and figuratively) of an impending puberty. I thought about all those movies where the soon-to-be werewolf shuts himself in the room just as the moon begins to rise, insisting that the door remain closed for everyone’s safety.


Every once in a while I end up with a drawing but no punch line. The cartoon below…

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