Cliches, hot tub parties and puberty: a post in pictures

I've become my parents

time for puberty

Well hi there!

I was rummaging around my stack of drawings the other day and found a few cartoons that, for whatever reason, haven’t been posted. So I thought it would be nice to do an all-cartoon post today.

The cartoon above was originally a crappy little drawing I did before I got more serious about making crappy little drawings. I redrew it a few days ago and here it is. The idea came to me when my son posted a “keep out” sign on his door and I realized it was one of the first signs (literally and figuratively) of an impending puberty. I thought about all those movies where the soon-to-be werewolf shuts himself in the room just as the moon begins to rise, insisting that the door remain closed for everyone’s safety.


Every once in a while I end up with a drawing but no punch line. The cartoon below…

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Examinations and Revolutions

Eleventh Stack

Two things I’ve recently checked out over the last month or so have struck me as particularly worthy of passing on to the Eleventh Stack family.


One is a film called Examined Life by Astra Taylor. This film looks at issues of philosophical inquiry from a variety of different angles. It includes Judith Butler and Sunaura Taylor on the subject of interdependence, gender and disability, Kwame Anthony Appiah on cosmopolitanism, Michael Hardt on revolution, Martha Nussbaum on justice, Avital Ronell on meaning, Slavj Zizek on ecology, Peter Singer on ethics and Cornel West on truth. Like any philosophical discussion, there were moments for me when I was puzzled, excited, in agreement, and in disagreement. It’s worth watching, worth a ponder and, if for no other reason, the Cornel West parts are great.


Second, a book by Richard Rhodes called Hell and Good Company: the Spanish Civil War and the World…

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Voices in within

heyloooo 😉

this is is gonna be my very own electronic diary or may i say an electronic book just for me to jot down whatever i have to say. ‘blogging’ ain’t an alien word for me since i had been blogging since long ago. due to some reasons such as time constraint and my very bad memory, i, first and foremost didn’t have the right time to continue blogging and secondly, i FORGOT my password. so yeah, obviously the blog is  dead. it has been two years  since i last blogged.

I’M BACK NOW…!!! 😉  super excited. dear people, stay tuned to listen to all my shitty craps. haha.

attitude-to-lifep.s. its so true when they say those whom read, writes too. *or maybe its just me, idk*